"What Do You Look For In A Job?"| 50 Tough Job Interview Questions Sample Answers Models

"What Do You Look For In A Job?" What to do if it hit on you.

You, never forget, prepare yourself prior apply for a job and get invitation to interview.

Why so?

Because you will have the opportunity to grab job more than the other candidates will, if you have the potential presenting yourself through the job apply applications form and having an interview.

"What do you look for in a job?"

How to answer the question above:

Pertaining the question "What do you look for in a job?" this will draw what you (job candidate) think about the job you have applied for.

The general answers that the interviewer supposes to hear are:

1] The answer towards opportunity at the organization

2] The answer towards candidate personal security

Here below are the example answers towards opportunity.

"With my direct experience to this position, so I can get things done efficiently."
"I'm a friendly person and I can get along with the other very well, hence, I think I can work well in both internal team and external customers."

*Those lines above are the BEST answers that it will lead you to get a job.

The answer towards candidate personal security/purpose.

"I would like to work in a normal office hours from 8 to 5 Monday to Friday."
"I prefer a job that it is not much pressure."
"My ideal job is that I can come to work in my casual dress like jeans."

What do you think about the above 3 answering sentences?

They are weird answering sentences, aren't they?

Yes, you are right if you think you will not take them into your bag as for using them once you are in the (job) interview room.

Because they are rather talking about things benefit for the candidates, not contribute any fulfillment to organization.

It is also if they do not comply to do that, they might refuse you for the position you have applied. Because your answers have just alienated already yourself.

So now, you know how to pick the best sentences to lead you to your ideal chair in the company and ignore the bad answers, which will bring you into your home with empty hands.

Tip to reply you the answer to the interviewer, you just say the things precise and right to the point, if you use too many words- that will not help you to win the interviewer, but it may kill yourself in the battlefield. Since, the more you say, the more they might make additional some questions- It's more which are about things you have created for them. Yet, you think you go to give an interview or you want to reply more questions because of you have done it yourself!

Moreover, do not sell what you do not satisfy in your past company or organization, those are far bitter than you can expect it.

I don't know why?

However, believe in me, don't do that!

Thanks for reading.

Posted by:Michael Leng

I've known, then I've grown.

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"Why Should We Hire You?" | 50 Tough Job Interview Questions : 100 Sample Answers Model

"Why Should We Hire You?" What are you going to answer to the question?

You, before, reply this question, "Why Should We Hire You?", you should prepare yourself as:

Pertaining to the job interview question above, if you read and interpret carefully, you should find what really the interviewer wants to know from you.

Yes, you’re right, if you said they want to discover the good point(s) from the job candidate.

"Why Should We Hire You?

So that you should think about what the outstanding points you have, for instance you may consider these things;


Your former job(s), direct experience to the job you have applied for, not similar job experience but can comply with,


Second or more language speaking, be able to speak out, software program literally,


Logical thinking person, love of learning somethings new, motivated, responsible,

Successful case

Increasing sales amount….%, any prize award,

Here are the two models of the answers;

"I have the direct experience to the position I have applied for, so I am sure I can do my best."

"I can speak French and Spanish, which are very useful for communicate international customers."

You ought to spend some of your time practicing making questions and answer in order you will used to the interview circumstance. Once you were in the real satiation, you could cope it well.

Thanks for reading.

Posted by:Michael Leng

I've known, then I've grown.

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